Beneath the Baobab Blog

Given its size and majesty, the baobab stands as a recognizable landmark across Africa. Traditionally, people have used baobab trees as reference points to arrange get togethers or meetings. Consequently, a gathering ‘beneath the baobab’ allows people to share experiences and tell stories in a central setting while being protected from the blazing sun and heat. 

At Askari, we are carrying on with that tradition…


Zen and the Art of Project Maintenance

By Edan Puritt In Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Persig and his son, Chris, took a 17 ...
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The Hills are Alive with… Numbers

By Sarah J. Burroughs as Guest Blogger Robert Frost may have underestimated how many roads diverge in a yellow wood ...
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50 Shades of Seduction in Information Management

By Edan Puritt The original saying is that form follows function, but it shouldn’t be. When function follows form, the ...
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Later: Double Speak for Soft Return

By Edan Puritt To my shame, there were times when I thought I was too busy to do something with ...
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Hillary Emailgate: Innocence more about bad laws than good behaviour

By Edan Puritt Is there any chance that Hillary Clinton did what she was supposed to do with her emails ...
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Compliance and Information Management – Venturing Beyond Hide and Seek

By Edan Puritt As an IM specialist, or records manager, I generally work with records managers on a client site, ...
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