Beneath the Baobab Blog

Given its size and majesty, the baobab stands as a recognizable landmark across Africa. Traditionally, people have used baobab trees as reference points to arrange get togethers or meetings. Consequently, a gathering ‘beneath the baobab’ allows people to share experiences and tell stories in a central setting while being protected from the blazing sun and heat. 

At Askari, we are carrying on with that tradition…


Open Source means Sharing on a new Level: An Interview with Jose de Leon and Jason Berry

By Judy PurittRecently, at the full day Drupal Camp session held at the University of Ottawa, I had the chance ...
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The Role of Teachers and Mentors: Ottawa Network For Education

By José de LeonSteve Ditko, the famously reclusive artist of the original Spider-Man comic books, recently was asked by an ...
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TOOLS: In Search of the Holy Grail

By Edan PurittThis is the third article in a series looking at the Information Maturity Model; this level considers the ...
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I do not think that means what you think it means… But really, I am an Information Manager!

By Edan Puritt I am an Information Manager. My friends and family have no idea what that is, or what ...
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Networking: More than Idle Chat, Drinks & Nibbles

By Edan Puritt When I was asked recently about the value of networking, I was immediately uncomfortable. ‘Networking’ somehow brings ...
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50 Shades of Seduction in Information Management

By Edan PurittThe original saying is that form follows function, but it shouldn’t be. When function follows form, the outcome ...
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