Beneath the Baobab Blog

Given its size and majesty, the baobab stands as a recognizable landmark across Africa. Traditionally, people have used baobab trees as reference points to arrange get togethers or meetings. Consequently, a gathering ‘beneath the baobab’ allows people to share experiences and tell stories in a central setting while being protected from the blazing sun and heat. 

At Askari, we are carrying on with that tradition…


Rules, People, and Information Asset Management

By Edan Puritt 4, 7, 15, 21, 24, 29, 36 These are the winning numbers to next week’s lottery. And ...
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Information Management and New Recruits

By Edan Puritt There is a moment, truly, not much more than an instant, when you realize that a long ...
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Change Management: The path to a successful IM project

By Edan Puritt Years ago, I had a statistics professor who often used colorful politically incorrect language to describe the ...
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Understanding an Organizational Culture: AKA Joining an All Star team

By Edan Puritt Most sports have some form of All Star game where the best of the best get to ...
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Caption that says "Teams that play together win together"

How to Build and Maintain Successful Teams

By Edan Puritt You’ve heard the cliché, There is no I in team and the assorted acronym explanations, Together Everyone ...
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Light bulb

What is Cheaper, Faster, and More Sustainable?

By Edan Puritt Ta-da! That’s it. There’s the fanfare announcement of Askari’s IM blog starting. This blog will add genuine ...
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