Beneath the Baobab Blog

Given its size and majesty, the baobab stands as a recognizable landmark across Africa. Traditionally, people have used baobab trees as reference points to arrange get togethers or meetings. Consequently, a gathering ‘beneath the baobab’ allows people to share experiences and tell stories in a central setting while being protected from the blazing sun and heat. 

At Askari, we are carrying on with that tradition…


User Clean Up Days to Enhance Your Information Asset Management

By Edan PurittI was asked recently to jot down some thoughts about a User Clean Up Day. I hate User ...
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Interoperable Design and Travel

By Alicia Puritt “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St ...
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Information Asset Management and Renovating Your Home

By Judy Puritt Recently, my son noted that our family doesn’t really relax. I started to disagree with him, but ...
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Information Management and New Recruits

By Edan PurittThere is a moment, truly, not much more than an instant, when you realize that a long held ...
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Understanding an Organizational Culture: AKA Joining an All Star team

By Edan PurittMost sports have some form of All Star game where the best of the best get to compete ...
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Making a list and checking it twice

By Alicia PurittIt’s that time of year – we’ve had the first major snowfall and stores have had Christmas decorations ...
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