Beneath the Baobab Blog

Given its size and majesty, the baobab stands as a recognizable landmark across Africa. Traditionally, people have used baobab trees as reference points to arrange get togethers or meetings. Consequently, a gathering ‘beneath the baobab’ allows people to share experiences and tell stories in a central setting while being protected from the blazing sun and heat. 

At Askari, we are carrying on with that tradition…


Back to School: How Can You Improve Your Communications?

By Judy PurittI am an avid lifelong learner. Travel, people, books, or general experience, I’m not fussy about the learning ...
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Zen and the Art of Project Maintenance

By Edan Puritt In Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Persig and his son, Chris, took a 17 ...
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Great Expectations

By Alicia PurittI’ve had the pleasure of working for a number of small businesses and my favourite to date – ...
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How to Build and Maintain Successful Teams

By Edan PurittYou’ve heard the cliché, There is no I in team and the assorted acronym explanations, Together Everyone Achieves ...
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What is Cheaper, Faster, and More Sustainable?

By Edan PurittTa-da! That’s it. There’s the fanfare announcement of Askari’s IM blog starting. This blog will add genuine sparkle ...
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