Hiring Askari for Your Project


Hiring Askari means your project will receive our top attention. We work with you in a dynamic and productive manner to ensure your information assets receive the consideration they deserve. Using a consultative and collaborative approach, Askari will approach your organization’s information management challenges holistically. Jointly, we will design solutions to reduce redundancies and mitigate your risks. Each solution is uniquely designed to meet your specific business needs.

If I Were a Client

In this short video, Edan Puritt, co-founder/partner of Askari Solutions Inc. outlines questions a client should pose when considering an information management project. What should I start doing to see immediate savings and what are my immediate risks? What is happening in my industry related to IM, e-discovery and regulators?



Current Projects

New Business for Askari with UFA Expands Calgary Operations

Askari is pleased to announce our latest project initiative in Western Canada with the United Farmer’s Association (UFA). UFA requested Askari’s expertise with a new informatics project, which aims to better manage the organization’s information assets. UFA is a co-operative comprised of more than 35 farm and ranch supply stores, plus 110 petroleum locations, and in excess of 110 000 members. As ‘a leading provider of farm and ranch supply, petroleum products, and construction services,’ UFA is considered one of western Canada’s most progressive co-operatives with its headquarters in Calgary. For this latest project, Askari has already conducted early meetings with the key stakeholders to complete a preliminary analysis of processes at UFA. The goal will be to use the Askari approach of internal interviews and sector research to design a project, which will increase efficiencies, reduce operating costs, and enhance sustainability. This carefully designed consultative process enables buy-in, mitigates risk, and supports project success.

New Business Expansion: Askari with UN agency, Switzerland

We are proud to announce that Askari has recently won a contract with a UN agency to provide a project for determining the organization’s information asset management needs. This is a very exciting opportunity for us as we expand. The agency is comprised of over 180 member states, with headquarters located in Geneva, Switzerland to deliver global services. Askari is providing a preliminary situation analysis examining processes as related to document records and archive management at the agency with a view to outlining requirements for increasing efficiencies, reducing operating costs, and enhancing sustainability. Using Askari methodology, interviews with key stakeholders in select divisions and examination of core business activities are being analyzed against industry standards. The goal is for Askari to provide a recommendation to the agency as to how to extract the most value out of each information asset, amortize the costs of information, and reduce the number of information assets that need to be maintained.


Case Study: Georgia Systems Operation Centre

Do you work with multiple systems to meet business and legal compliance? If so, listen to this short video in which Edan Puritt, co-founder of Askari Solutions Inc., faces the significant challenge of connecting two major systems—a SharePoint front end to a LiveLink back end. In working with a Georgia power company Puritt solved the challenge of effectively connecting the systems so that work could happen on the front end and records could be maintained on the back end.



L&M Forwarding

Edan Puritt led a team of six people on a 14-month SAP project at L&M Forwarding, an American-Mexican freight forwarding company based in Laredo, Texas. The objective was clear: improve the business process efficiency and effectiveness of the company. To accomplish this, a comprehensive SAP solution including the sales and distribution, material management, warehousing, finance, and foreign exchange modules was installed. Installing inflexible German software with an American consulting team in a Mexican company led to a series of cultural hurdles. This process was implemented in the heavily regulated environment of cross border trade and tariffs, leaving little room for ad hoc behaviour. Using a complex and highly developed system such as SAP, the important lesson was to use technologies for what they are meant to do. The parting advice is to configure where needed, but avoid customizing.

Georgia System Operations Corporation Achieves Regulatory Compliance with OpenText & Microsoft®

Edan Puritt was the IM and IT lead on the development and implementation of a LiveLink/Sharepoint solution designed to facilitate Georgia Systems Operations Corporation’s ability to demonstrate its compliance with NERC Standards. The solution required the development and adoption of IM and records policies, the mapping of business processes, and the installation and configuration of the software. To read more about GSOC, follow this link at OpenText or download this summary document GSOC Success Story.