What We Do

Askari Solutions Inc. is your information asset company.

Askari designs and focuses solutions that are unique to your organization’s business needs.Information management (IM) is an investment – not an expense. With our assistance, your organization will extract more value per asset, amortize costs involved in IM, and reduce the number of assets you need to maintain. Specifically, when you hire us to provide information assets management consulting services to your government department, business division, or NGO branch, you will realize measurable benefits. With our assistance, you will be able to:

  • Extract the most value out of each information asset Askari aligns information and technology with organizational goals. We help you get the most out of your information assets by evaluating, assessing, and improving IM plans and practices. This way, they better support corporate strategy, program objectives, and business needs at all levels of the enterprise.
  • Amortize the costs of information Askari works collaboratively with you to identify and eliminate or risk-manage issues and challenges that undermine efforts to realize your core business objectives. The value of your informatics projects is always set, but your initial costs and ongoing costs reduce your expected benefit. We can help you reduce your costs and realize your benefits. We focus on return on investment. That, combined with our breadth of experience, permits us to employ appropriate procedures which suit your business needs.
  • Reduce the number of information assets that need to be maintained After assessing the business needs for your asset management, we work with you to get the right information to users in specific contexts. Askari helps you fill stakeholder information needs by understanding information assets and requirements then matching these to users and the circumstances in which they interact with the enterprise. 

New System? Build in Savings!

Need a new system to manage your information? In this short video, Edan Puritt, co-founder of Askari Solutions Inc., reviews core Information Asset Management principles which apply across various business lines. When introducing a new system, Puritt advises you follow general IM principles when designing the architecture. You should only pay ONCE for the artifact, and then move it around your business and reuse it many times to amortize and reduce costs, assiduously avoiding the introduction of new redundancies.



Business Process (Regulated Industries)

In this short video, Edan Puritt, co-founder/partner of Askari Solutions Inc., considers the importance of the business process to industries that are heavily regulated. With experience in a variety of industries—banking, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and electrical energy—Edan emphasizes the implications compliance standards have on the business, independent of the industry.




What Else

We support your organization as it takes the next step in its development. Askari helps you transform and evolve your structures, operations, and services by embedding industry best practices into IM solutions for an open, inter-networked, and cost conscious enterprise IM/IT environment.

When Are You Ready For Information Management?

Askari Founder and President Edan Puritt talks about how you know when your company would benefit from some help with its information assets. 






Who Are Our Clients

We provide information assets management consulting services to governments, businesses, and NGOs. We work with you to design, develop, and implement information management solutions to meet your specific and unique business requirements.

Contact us to learn more about how Askari can work with you to develop the information management solutions your organization needs.


Over a twenty year period the founders of Askari had worked together on numberous projects and had discussed the possibility of one day starting an Information Management consulting business together. All three founders shared mutual respect for the others’ values, understanding of business and technology, and work ethic. As the timing in everybody’s career lined up, the three founders came together and formed the company.

As a company we conduct ourselves by adhering to the following principles:

  1. We put the interests of our customer first in every single one of our actions
  2. We understand that our value lies with our people and we treat them accordingly
  3. We know that our success comes from the communities that we service and we understand the importance of contributing back to those communities